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Travels in Japan

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If you are a follower of this blog and have read the awfully long and excruciatingly detailed “About Me” page, you would know that Japan has been one of the…

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Travels in Japan

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        Colombo is the largest city of the island nation of Sri Lanka and is as busy, crowded and polluted as most important commercial cities are. Being home to the only…

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Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is one of the most vibrant cities in South East Asia and has something to offer to everyone. Known for its culture, history, cuisine and night…

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As you probably already know, 2015 ended a few days back and the world stepped into 2016. Most travel blogs at this time write about their travels during the last…

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Wandering through Laos

“Do you know what Wan-Li means?” I looked back at him blankly as he took a long drag out of his cigarette. He was wearing a faded orange t-shirt with…

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Trip to China

In March 1974, Yang Zhifa and six other peasants were asked by their production unit to dig a well. It was a dry month and they needed to water the…

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Trip to China

Sometimes, even without visiting a place we subconsciously create an impression of it in our mind. These impressions may stem from the TV shows or movies we watch, the books…

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My First Day in...... Trip to China

Trip to China